Jason 101

As I stated my son, Jason, is what caused me to start this blog so I see it only fitting that I introduce him. Jason was born October of 2011 and he came in to this world faster than a natural disaster can strike! The short version of that story is I went in at midnight to be induced. Now if you know anything about labor and delivery then you know that they will not let you eat from the time you are admitted until after the baby is born. I starved all day while getting no closer to having a baby. The doctor felt bad so she let me eat dinner and said we would start again at midnight. About the time I finished eating my water broke and it was on! With him being my first baby the doctor said he wouldn’t get here til about 3 am, the current time was around 6:30 pm, so off my doctor went to get dinner. She didn’t make it very far before she had to return. I went from 6 cm dilated at 7:13 pm to seeing his sweet face at 7:21 pm. Yes, you read that right, 8 minutes. And I promise he hasn’t slowed down since, that is until I’m in a hurry. Then he moves slower than molasses! A simple task, like getting in the car, can take up to 10 times longer. For example, yesterday morning… I have to have him to school by 8:45 or he’s late and I have to unload everyone to walk him in, which means I need to walk out the door by 8:20 to allow for traffic, ect. Every morning it takes 20 minutes just to get Jason’s shoes on his feet, I am in no way exaggerating. Yesterday morning was no different except for we were already running late. I got his shoes on his feet and he starts crying that they hurt (they don’t, he’s just being Jason) so he proceeds to take them off. After a whole lot of fighting and threatening that he would not be singing in his Thanksgiving program next week if he did not put those shoes back on we finally got out the door, and only 13 minutes behind schedule. He moves slower than Christmas from the door to the car but he finally makes it. We get in the car and neither of us say a word for a few minutes. All of a sudden I hear him start crying “But I can’t sing in these shoes!” All the frustration from the morning instantly vanished as I busted out laughing. The cherry on top was when we arrived to his school his assistant teacher was on carpool duty. She opens his door and tells him she needed his help in class because he knows all the songs the best, I had to fight the urge to reply “but you can’t sing in those shoes.” (He gets his smart wit honestly)

While Jason can be frustrating and cause things to take way longer than they should he also makes boring situations funnier. I had to take Ellie back to the doctor yesterday afternoon to check on an ear infection that we can not kick, unfortunately that meant Jason had to tag along. He is miserable to take to the doctor because he can’t just run around. We are in the waiting room and a little girl who was probably 4 or 5 kept climbing all over a set of chairs. Her dad told her to sit down and stop multiple times before he looks at the mom and says that he’s taking her to the car. In true Jason form he looks at me and loudly says “someone is fixing to be mad because they’re getting a whippin!” The people next to us busted out laughing and I’m sure my face was ten shades of red.


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