hulk smashes and apologies…

This morning started with so much promise! Ellie got up at 7:30 and she played and watched cartoons while I drank my coffee and folded laundry and Jason slept in (til 9… It’s a miracle, he is usually up the second my feet hit the floor. It’s his superpower to know when I’m up) We got ready for what I hoped would be a fun filled day for our #saturdayadventures but instead I’m hoping you will now find humor in the day I would rather drown in apple juice.

After our daily shoe fiasco we met my mom and brother for lunch at a local wing place. I enjoyed a wpid-img_20151114_123631288.jpgmonster of a burger (the Master Burger, I recommend it) and then we ventured onto the first annual Mistletoe Market. (It’s basically an arts and craft show where local vendors of all types join in one location to promote and hopefully sell and/or promote their goods and services) It was like someone unleashed the Kraken! Jason threw down so I b-lined for the door. He refused to leave with me; he wanted to go with my mom and brother. After using what I can only describe as my mom strength I wrestled him into his car seat. The closer we got to our house the louder he got, all I could do was laugh to keep from going insane. As we pulled in the drive I told him to go straight to his room and we would talk shortly which surprisingly happened with only a small detour to use our outdoor facilities (aka the bushes). About 10 minutes of sitting alone was all it took. Jasonwpid-img_20151114_175259464.jpg came into the living room, apology ready. He was so sorry for acting bad and could we please go do fun stuff now. Instead we found fun stuff to do at home. Like try to hulk smash the pig, circle everything in the toys r us Christmas catalog, and run around as a masked superhero with a hulk hand and “Harry Potter” wand (that shot magic and spider webs) fighting evil (which was me, fittingly).

I’m ready for daddy to be home so I can tap out.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.


I’m telling you, Ellie is the only one she likes.

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