Marvin the squirrel

So if you are new to the world of Jason, we welcome you! Its a rather fun and often confusing place. If you haven’t been around long this story requires some back ground information. Marvin the squirrel is a long standing friend of the family. Basically he is any squirrel we see. He came about after Jason’s invisible mini tiger that lived on his arm, “Professor,” left for college (I told you this was a fun place)

Sooo…. This morning on the way to school I had to pretty much stop in the middle of the road to keep from hitting a squirrel that just wouldn’t move. Jason pops his head around the seat trying not to miss whatever action is taking place. I explained there was a squirrel but he ran off finally, I was trying not to hit him.
Jason replies “oh, that was just Marvin.”
I told him that Marvin’s mommy needed to teach him a lesson about not playing in the road because its dangerous and he could die (see how I snuck that lesson in there, it’s a mom thing)
To which Jason has the perfect answer “I’ll let his mommy know but squirrels don’t have belts.”
I said “But they have hands.”
Jason comes back with “No mom, they have paws!”

This kid is too smart for his own good I swear.

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