Random moments

I really don’t have a “story” today, just random moments.

Random moment number 1:


Yup… That happened!

2: Jason was at my mom’s house and she was trying to help him not pee on his shirt since it was a little longer in the front. He told her “I got this Noni, I’ve been potty trained for a while now!”

3: the child told me to hurry up, he did not have all day when i was putting Ellie in her car seat after I had to drag his behind from a birthday party today.

4: Penelope, the pig, came running out of Jason’s room with a coloring page and started tearing it up as Jason tried to chase her down. This is not the first thing she has taken from Jason. Yesterday I was feeding her and straightening up her area when I found a toy of his that I know I put in his room beforehand. Guess its payback for all those hulk smashes.


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