Happy Thanksgiving


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Many of you dont know that our family is doing Thanksgiving a little different this year. Traditionally we spend it with my extended family in Florida then we do Christmas with Jimmy’s extended family. But this year Ellie and I came to Florida, since my great grandma is 94, while Jimmy and Jason stayed behind to spend it with his grandma since she isn’t doing well. (This would be why there is a lack of Jason posts – but stay tuned till the end) I’m thankful for another holiday with my Mema but I am missing my boys something serious. And I know two babies who miss each other. They have enjoyed video chatting. And i know Jimmy and Jason are enjoying their “guy time” tho.

Jason informed Jimmy last night that Marvin was coming to the feast with them but they had to dress him up like a people.

Update: when I spoke to Jason last night he said that “Marvin came to family feast by himself, because he was big enough, and he dressed like a chef.”


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