Flip the elf

It’s that time of year when that pesky elf appears and every parent wakes up at 3 am panicky, trying to remember if they moved that darn thing…. Yes, I speak from experience. Last year he hung from the corner of our living room TV for the better part of the month. (He only moved when Jason was exceptionally good, or at least that’s what we told Jason) Flip, our elf, made his arrival last night, after I had to search for him. Last year Flip “missed his ride” back to the north pole (the box in the attic) and I had to mad dash hide him before Jason seen him, which meant throwing him in the cabinet above the stove where I keep all the cookbooks, that I clearly never use cause I haven’t seen Flip in a year. Maybe Flip did some reading and will be nice enough to cook a few nights 😂

Anyways, so Jason didn’t immediately see Flip and we were talking about what he wanted for breakfast. Mid sentence Jason stops, puts his hand on his chest, and says (in the most southern accent I’ve ever heard him speak in) “Well bust my bumpers and call me a meerkat, Flips back!”

Shortly after reminding him that if we touch Flip we get put on the naughty list I heard him shaking the elf yelling, “just speak to me!” Its gonna be a long month.

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