Mirgin Ellie and no webs

If you grew up in a Christian home then you know the story of Christmas and the birth of Christ. This year Jason is finally at an age where he can somewhat grasp what the story means and they have been discussing it at school. He came home all excited to tell me all about it, and I love that he gets so excited over learning about Jesus. However, my child is also a know it all and when he thinks he is right, he is right, and there is no telling him different. I have absolutely no idea where he gets that from… (*coughcoughjimmy*).  So he starts telling me the story and he says, “The mirgin Ellie had a baby boy, and his name was Jesus.” (so cute, I know) Wanting him to have the story correct I try to help him with his pronunciation of who exactly had the baby. For the love of Christmas, this child insist that he is saying it right, and there is no changing his mind.

Mr. know-it-all has also been learning Christmas carols for our program at church. For those of you who are new, the first time our church let our children’s program sing on stage Jason was the rock star. While all the other children did the hand motions and sang, Jason rocked out.

Rock Star Jason

There’s the link to it on my facebook since I no longer have the video on my phone. Half way thru the second song is the best part, and yes everyone around us was laughing at him. This year he is actually learning the words to the songs, except it’s his own version. He was singing the songs for Jimmy and me recently and was doing good, until the chorus. He sang, loud and proud, “In fields where they lay keeping their sheep, on a cold winters night that was so deep. No webs, no webs…” I guess spider man is now part of the Christmas story because despite making him listen to this song on repeat for weeks now he still sings it that same way. I’ll be sure to share the video with you guys on the 13th.

Stay warm!

♥ C

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