Thor v Flip

If you have not figured out by now, mornings are rough in the Goddard house. Jimmy and Ellie are definite morning people, me… not so much, and Jason, well, it really just depends on the day. Lately he’s been more like me in the mornings. I get out of the shower to hear Jason and Jimmy “discussing” what Jason is having for breakfast.

Jimmy: How about a pop tart?

Jason: Candy!

Big negative in this house, Jason barely gets candy on Halloween, he is definitely not getting it for breakfast. This argument goes on for a few minutes and then Jimmy has to head to work and that leaves me to deal with it. Let me remind you, I’m not a morning person, I barely even speakwp-1449243342043.jpg in the mornings so battling with Jason is not something I care to do. Jimmy is out the door, I hand Jason a pop tart (because I’m not giving him an option now), and the melt down starts.

Me: Don’t forget, Flip is watching you.

Jason: Thor, get flip so he can’t tell Santa! Take care of him

Pretty sure that will land him on the naughty list…

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