just an update

img_20151205_203219256.jpgSorry we’ve been MIA for a few days! It’s been pretty busy in the Goddard house. Friday and Saturday we were wrapped up in wedding festivities, one of Jimmy’s friends got married and he was a groomsmen. But it was beautiful and we had so much fun (without the kids). Saturday night Jason was also in the Christmas parade with his school, thanks to my mom for taking him, and while we were sad we missed it due to the wedding he had a fantastic time singing and dancing and yelling “Merry Christmas.”



Sunday we decorated our humongous 3 ft Christmas tree. We went back and forth on even putting one up due to miss sassy pants wanting to pull up on everything and figured this was the best compromise. She has been trying her hardest to try and touch it but has yet to succeed. I’m sure she will eventually with her sneaky self, at least it won’t hurt her if she pulls it over. We were also given two battery operated snow globe things by one of my moms friends and the kids LOVE them. They play music and blow fake snow around on the inside, one has Mickey and Minnie, the other has Tigger and Pooh.


Jason and one of his little classmates on the float

And for those of you wondering about Flip, the elf, I’ll include what he’s been up to as well. Last time we saw him, he was tied up with Thor. They have made up, we found them hanging out on top of the microwave one morning having a heart to heart. He has also roasted marshmallows on the stove, baled hay, and rode the dinosaur! (We’ve done great so2 far and remembered to move him every night, some nights are just less creative haha)



As you can tell, Flip mostly stays in the kitchen where I can keep my sanity easier keep Jason off the naughty list for touching him. Now I’m off to slave over the stove like Cinderella!!!

xoxo – C

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