Conversations with Jason

As we are heading home tonight I hear Jason talking to Ellie “daddy’s a man, and you and mommy are dirls (that’s how he says it), and me and daddy are… Mans! Haha I’m a man”
I’m in the front seat trying to stiffle my laughter because I don’t want him to know I’m listening
Jason then says “hey mom! You and Ellie are princesses and do princess things” so I ask him what that consist of. “Uhhmmm…. Princess things, you know? But I’m a man like daddy and we do man things like build stuff and get dirty!” 

We get home and I do the usual unload my purse, diaper bag, and whatever else I need to and then I get Ellie out. Tonight as I’m going back to get Ellie I hear Jason say “mom a dead rat!” Our cat, Barney, has brought us his kill for the night, only it wasn’t dead. It was still twitching. Guys, mayday, I am NOT equipped for this situation. Jason tries to PICK IT UP! I sounded like a lunatic screaming for him to stop touching it. I finally get him and Ellie into the house and Jason looks at me with all seriousness and says “Mom, that rat needs a bandaid.”

I don’t think a bandaid is fixing this one kid.

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