man activites

Before Thanksgiving Jimmy won two tickets to Wild Adventures so him and Jason decided to put them to use yesterday. Jason had a blast. He seen a huge variety of animals including: giraffes, elephants, tigers, meerkats, and Marvin twice! I swear, that squirrel is everywhere. He came home and told me he made all kinds of new animal friends. He also rode a bunch of rides and just got to enjoy some nice “man time” doing “man things” with his daddy. I made sure Jimmy sent me plenty of pics to share since I stayed home with Ellie.

Here’s a few of my favorites…



While we are here, why don’t we check in with Flip. By the way, I’m pretty proud of us, he has moved EVERY night and has not done the same thing twice. Yes, some nights are less creative but give me a break, he can’t always be the coolest elf!

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