Savannah happenings


Hello, remember me? Yes, we’re still alive! It was a slow, boring Christmas vacation with not much to talk about except for the fact we spent a little time at the animal shelter. Jason went and bought treats and made sure every animal got more than enough. Love my sweet boy and his big heart. But I think we made up for the lack of excitement this past weekend. We took a trip to the beautiful historic Savannah for business and had a little fun while there.


Every January they hold the fruit and vegetable convention and we get to go with Jimmy’s work for him to take classes he needs for “continuing education hours.” Of course we like to try and find new things as well as hit a few of our local favorites. Since Jimmy had class almost all day the kids and I got my truck from valet and decided to head out of downtown to explore a little. I made it two blocks before someone hit the side of my truck. They were pulling out of parallel parking, didn’t look before they tried to pull out and hit my back passenger door. Thankfully it was very minor. Jason told the cop that he was going to beat up the lady that hit us with his muscles. That kid. The cop gave Jason a paper hat and two sticker badges, he was big timing. We just headed back to the hotel after that and later rode the ferry across the river to the convention center to meet Jimmy for the trade show.


While at the trade show Jason loaded up on candy and stress balls and whatever else the companies were offering.


View from our room. The picture does it no justice

My parents also go to this convention every year and this year we ended up at the same hotel, which makes life ten times easier when Jason wants to visit their room. They had dinner plans Friday night with some friends and Jason was not happy the plans did not include him. He called my step dad crying and in true poppy fashion it broke his heart and promised Jason they would go to lunch and the candy store on Saturday. That fixed Jason’s broken heart quick. Friday night we went to eat and did a little walking around before turning in for the night. And wouldn’t you know we ran into Marvin? Apparently he snuck into Ellie’s bag and hitched a ride with us. But he has to find his own ride back to Tifton because he’s dirty from all the running around.

Saturday morning Jason woke me up telling me he cleaned our window for me (wiping the steam off the window with his hand) and asking if he could go to the candy store with Poppy now, I look at the clock, its 7:45 am. Thankfully Jimmy walked in about that time with my favorite Starbucks drink in a venti, there was a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel.  He entertained while I got dressed. Poppy came by about 9 or so to get Jason. They wasted time, met Jimmy for lunch, then headed for the candy store while I went shopping with my mommy (and Ellie) and Jimmy headed back to class. They bought the entire candy store and Jason ate roughly $24 of candy in 10 minutes, not exaggerating, and poppy let him keep eating candy all day.


Playing golf at the trade show

Saturday night we ventured out to eat with one of Jimmy’s co workers, his wife, and daughter. Then we got a little “adult time.” His co workers daughter baby sat while we all headed to Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar. If you are ever in Savannah, at least 21 (since it is a bar), and looking for something fun then I HIGHLY recommend this. They have two pianos on stage (as well as a few other instruments) and you can request any song and they will play it. They tell jokes and get people celebrating various events on stage to embarrass them. We will definitely be visiting there again.


Savannah Smiles

We had to check out today but before heading home we hit a few favorites. We ate lunch at Vinnie Van Gogos. It is the best pizza place, the slices are huge and the prices are reasonable.


Obviously Jason approves. Then we walked down Broughton St for some window shopping and to go in Planet Fun. It’s a vintage game store. They have everything from original Nintendo, ps1, Barbie’s and action figures from previous decades to current, old school board games and books, you name it and you can find it there. It’s fun to go look, plus we were looking for some new games for our Nintendo system. If you’re into stuff like that its a pretty cool store to check out. Needless to say, it was a long, busy, fun filled weekend. Jason was out within 10 minutes of getting on the road.


Hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas and happy new year!

– C

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