Bedtime battles

Much like mornings, bedtimes are always a blast. From just a few weeks old Jason began sleeping with us and that was never a problem until he became a wild sleeper, I’m talking about getting kicked in the face and punched in the ovaries all night. So we began the battle of getting him into his own bed. Every night we eat dinner, he gets a bath, nightly routine of a book, etc, and he goes to bed. We have stints where he falls asleep in there and the battle has been won. Then there are nights like tonight…

I send Jason to bed and he thinks of ten reasons to get up. That’s my first clue of the long night ahead. Jimmy and I sat on the couch and watched a little TV while we waited for him to fall asleep, which helps since he can see into the living room from his room. After we finished the last half of the last Harry Potter movie (roughly 2 hours) he was still up. We came on to our bed anyways with wishful thinking he wasn’t following behind. As we crawl into bed I hear his tiny feet coming across the house. He’s so tired he can barely slur his excuse out, “Uhmmm…. I just wanted to see what you were doing” and into our bed he crawls.

What started as a legitimate question to figure out why he wouldn’t sleep in his room has now become a game to Jimmy and me because of the answers Jason gives. Some of my favorite ones have been
– I don’t like the color of my bed (not the sheets, the actual bed)
my beds not tall enough
– my bed is to big/small (it’s a full size)
– my rooms not clean
(and possibly my favorite one) as he crawls over me one night I don’t even have time to ask and he blurts out “I don’t know what’s wrong with my bed, I just wanna sleep in here”

Tonight, after the answer of “I just like your bed,” we tried to get him back in bed by telling him that since he hasn’t slept in it recently we’re just gonna give his room to Ellie. He proceeds to tell us that he’s fine with that. We can paint it pink and that the bed needs those tall things so she doesn’t fall off (rails). (Dang, that backfired) So we tell him that it includes his toys and slide (yes, he has a slide in his room) and he was perfectly fine with that. So, here we are, four deep in my bed. Maybe Jimmy and I will actually get the bed to ourselves when we’re 50.


Hard to tell but we're all there.

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