Making wishes

Just before Christmas Jason started asking for a skateboard. Every. Day. He asked me, his daddy, my parents, Santa. Heck he was even praying to Jesus that someone would get him one. Being that Jason is clumsy enough without wheels under his feet I decided he wasn’t getting one. I was hoping this faze would pass but he just won’t let it go. For instance, a few weeks ago he had a dandelion and he took it to my brother and his three friends instructing them to blow and make a wish. After each one made their wish out load he corrected them saying “No, you gotta wish I had a skateboard.” Since that night I haven’t heard much else about it. I thought we had moved on. Until Saturday. We were leaving Kumo, a Japanese restaurant, and I had told Jason he could throw a coin into the fish pond in the lobby when we left. He tosses the coin, closes his eyes really tight, and says …. (You guessed it) “I wish I had a skateboard!” This kid is determined to break his arm

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