A real ladies man


When given the option of going to papas to play and ride the golf cart or being drug to a baby shower you’re helping host most 4 year old boys would choose the former. Not Jason. Her quickly chose to “help” as he put it. And help he did. Every car that pulled into the yard he made a mad dash for and introduced himself. He led everyone to the house and showed them in. He handed presents to the guests of honor, helped pass out food, and provided entertainment for everyone. (Surprise, right?) But Jason is no fool, he knew baby shower meant lots of ladies! And pretty ones at that. Every time I looked he was holding ones hand, sitting in ones lap, and even kissing them on the cheek! He also convinced a few to take selfies with him. (I’m trying to get my hands on those pictures)

My baby was showing their boyfriends how to treat a lady right!



Jason cannot wait for his cousin Ramsey to arrive.


He jumped in every picture he could

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