The Stump

We’re through with winter and daylight savings is now over so in the Goddard household that translates into short, hurried lunch breaks and late nights in the field for daddy. I have to get creative with how to maximize our time with him so Friday I grabbed lunch and met Jimmy closer to where he was working so we could see him for about 30 mins. Jason was on another level. He was bouncing off the walls and wild (well, more wild than normal). Quickly losing my patience, that I already have very little of, I was thinking of a good threat that would scare him. While waiting on Jimmy Jason kept interrupting my phone conversation to ask random and silly questions. I blurted out, without even thinking about it, “if you keep interrupting me I’m going to sit you on that stump and leave.” That bought me a few minutes of quiet.
As we’re eating (still in the car) Jason is bouncing around the backseat being loud, knocking me in the head, you get the  picture, when all of a sudden I feel my shirt being pulled on, I open my door  to get out and make him hook back in (I remind you, we are just sitting in a parking lot) and he dives into Jimmy’s lap in the front seat with huge tears streaming down his face screaming “No! Not the stump!” (I had flashbacks from the movie Mother Dearest, “Not the wire coat hangers”) I couldn’t help but laugh. Out of all the punishments I’ve ever thought of: throwing toys away, taking away fun activities, spankings, timeouts, THIS is the one that scared him the most.


And I had to add this gem in here. After handing him his pants the correct way he still outs them on backwards and heads outside to play.

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