New bath toys. (I promise you’ll wanna read it)

We had a fun filled day with playing outside. Which resulted in sweaty babies and Jason with some battle wounds that required a good cleaning. Basically, him and Tank, our 90 pound bulldog, were both trying to catch the Frisbee and collided mid air. They both rolled multiple times and came out with cuts and scrapes, but don’t worry, both will be just fine.


Meet Tank. This picture does not do his size justice

So anyways, back to our story. Per Sunday normal we ate dinner and either I will clean the kitchen and Jimmy will bathe the kids, or vice versa. Tonight I put the kids in the bath and sat right outside the door while they played so I could talk to Jimmy while he cleaned the kitchen. As I went back in the bathroom to bathe them I noticed something that did not look like their froggy bath toys. As you’ve probably guess by now, Ellie pooped. And poor Jason was sitting with his back to her and didn’t even know. All I could do was laugh and yell for Jimmy. Now Ellie notices it and is PLAYING with it. Jason is trying to climb the wall, I’m laughing even harder, and Jimmy is washing Ellie’s hand and draining the tub, all while hollering for me to get a towel. Its a three ring circus y’all.

I finally quit laughing long enough to bathe them and get them out.

Never a dull moment around here, never.

*side note: it was funnier than it should have been to me because Jason pooped in the tub on me twice when he was little so this was payback*

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