Broken Walls and Tough Lessons

I send Jason to the bathroom to get ready to get in the bath. I hear a clatter, much like the sound of the toilet paper holder hitting the tile. Not a big deal, ours are weird and kind of hang so they get knocked off easily. I walk into the bathroom to find his towel bar half ripped out the wall. Jason knew he was in trouble. I bathed him and sent him to bed, we’d talk after his daddy got home.

Jimmy gets home, checks the damage, I tell him what happened and he laughs, I did not find it that funny. Jason decided it would be fun to stand on his toilet and jump so he could hang off the towel bar. After deciding how to handle it we sat Jason down for a talk. We made him tell Jimmy what happened and explain to him his “punishment.” Sunday he has to help his daddy fix the wall. He took that mildly well. Then we told him we were taking a dollar from his piggy bank to help pay for it and the meltdown began. I’m talking alligator tears and snot bubbles. He loves his money. So we gave him an option of a spanking or giving us a dollar and he proceeds to cry “neither because neither are fun!”

I don’t know what to do with this child.

2 thoughts on “Broken Walls and Tough Lessons

  1. Now Chelsea, Had you previously told him not to stand on his commode and jump up and hang from his towel bar? If not, then he should just get a warning. Now give that boy his dollar back. lol


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