The massive clean up

So what happens when your mom tells you for three days, literally, to clean your room and you only drag more out? You lose EVERYTHING. I tried to be fair, I really did. I told him yesterday that if it wasn’t clean by bedtime I was gonna start taking stuff; bedtime rolls around and I let it slide. Then today I told him an hour at 1. Then an hour later I told him an hour again. Then I told him next time he came out of his room, then I told him when I start cooking. I guess it’s partially our fault, the kid has everything, including a slide and recliner in there. But enough is enough. I bagged up FOUR 30 gallon trash bags to haul out. That’s not including the slide, tent, and recliner. So the next step is to clean out and sell some, that way it can’t get that bad again.

His life is just FULL of hard lessons lately.


Excuse the mess, I literally just tossed the stuff in Ellie’s room as I drug it out.

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