Catching Up

We’re back! I have really missed blogging the last few months so I decided to resurrect it! So much has happened so here’s the run down. 

1. Ellie Grace turned 1! Say what?!? I feel like her first year went by way faster than Jason’s did. We had her birthday the same weekend that my brother graduated from high school so all of our Florida (and  other out of state) family could help us celebrate. Her theme was tea party and it was absolutely precious. Lacey Culpepper did an amazing job with our cupcakes and perfectly executed my vision. 

Gosh, just looking at those pictures makes me want to cry! She is already so much bigger than she was just a few months ago. 

2. June and July were pretty quiet, it was watermelon season and Daddy was pretty busy. We did a lot of swimming at my moms but that’s about it. 

3. We spent the last week before school started at the beach with my parents. It was Ellie’s first trip and she loved it. She also loved eating sand and drinking the ocean water. 

Oh and the picture of Jason… the kid ripped a doves tail feathers out. Talk about a life with Jason moment. He decided he was going to catch the bird and he actually got ahold of it! 

*the bird was fine, just tail-less 😂

4. JASON STARTED PRE-K!! I didn’t cry, surprisingly, just some watery eyes. He is loving it! And insist on riding the bus. He has also caught the attention of quite a few little girls in his class, he, of course, is not complaining. 

5. Our friends in Germany got to visit! Jason was so excited when we got to Rylans grandparents house, he didn’t know they were back. They had a blast but it went by far too fast. It wasn’t near as hard as I anticipated when they left to go back, thankfully. Now we are just more excited for their next visit! 

I think that’s about it! Hope you guys had a fantastic summer as well!

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