The boy who cried “poop”

There once was a little boy who loved school. He wished he could go to school 6 days a week, not 7 because we have to reserve one day a week for Nonnie and Poppys house and we are not allowed to stay the night on a school night. Well the school nurse called one day and said the little boy was not feeling well nor was he acting like himself and thought his mommy should pick him up. So his mommy went and got him. Since he really didn’t have any other symptoms he could return to school the next day if that continued. So the next day he got up and got ready for school. As soon as they reached the bus stop he cried poop. His daddy brought him back to thre house where he said he was just kidding, he just didn’t want to ride the bus. So his punishment was to stay home since he was “sick.” Which meant not going anywhere “fun” (which is anywhere other than the house) or to Nonnies house to swim. And he had to help clean and do laundry all day. And he was NOT happy. 

In case you’re confused, this little boy is Jason. 

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