Happy birthday Jason!!

Is this real life right now? My baby is no longer a “toddler.” Like, how did this even happen? Where did my 7 lb 7 ounces 20.5 inch baby go? I feel like they were handing him to me for the first time 2 weeks ago.

And now he’s 5! This ball of energy came bursting into our lives faster than a natural disaster strikes (literally). And our lives have been full of laughter, love, frustration, tears, and prayers (lots and lots of them) since. I’ve shared so many numerous stories with you guys over the last 5 years, not just here but on my Facebook page, and if you’re lucky enough to be close friends of ours you’ve gotten the REALLY good stories in person that I didn’t share on social media, or have gotten to experience one first hand. (That’s where most of the tears and prayers come into play, the stories I don’t share). He’s got such a sense of humor and quick wit, for example, on the way home from dinner the other night he asked if he could eat a piece of candy he had. I told him no because it was late, he could have it the next day after school. When we got home I noticed the wrapper was empty and asked what happened, I really didn’t expect the answer I got. He looks at me with the biggest eyes and most sincere face he can muster and said “but mom, it fell out of the wrapper and I needed to eat it so it didn’t get all over your car”. Now, mind you, this was a starburst and it didn’t just “fall out” nor was it going to get all over my car. That moment was one of the hardest ones to keep a straight face yet. He’s to quick. 

This kid is also the most loving, kind hearted child I’ve ever met. He never meets a stranger and wants to include everyone in everything. There are so many times he doesn’t judge someone on their appearance, he just talks to anyone like they are his best friend. And in those moments I can’t help but aspire to be more like him. 

He has also become the BEST big brother, and to be honest, I wasn’t real sure how that was going to go. I mean he did say Ellie Grace could not live with us and had to find her own mommy/daddy and nonnie/poppy before she arrived. He also is sure to get a treat for Ellie if he gets one, he tries to put diapers back on her after she rips them off to keep her from getting in trouble, he loves to play with her, anything from dinosaurs to dolls. The other day he turned a baby show on his tv in his room for her to watch instead of kicking her out. He protects her, makes sure she’s doing something to hurt herself, I could go on forever. 

Though he may push my buttons, test my limits on purpose, and make me “lose my religion” now and then I would not want him any other way. He has brought so much joy into our lives and while I was teaching him lessons he taught me more. 

Happy 5th birthday baby boy! May this day be as magical as the world is to you ❤️


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