Conversations with Jason

One of Jason’s favorite places to be is my moms, or his nonnies. He stayed with her last night and they had a fun little conversation this morning. While sitting at breakfast Jason was tapping my moms arm. 

J: are you getting old Nonnie?

Mom: well, yes, why?

J: cause your skin does like this, old people smoke. 

Mom: what do you want Santa to bring you?

J: a skateboard 

Mom: but you don’t have a driveway to ride it on (our driveway is dirt)

J: yes I do. And I was skis, you know the kind you go on snow with. 

Mom: do you want anything you can actually use?

J: a water jet pack
😂😂 this kid is something else. He’s also going to be VERY sad come Christmas morning. 


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