Freshly Picked Giveaway!

UPDATE: Winner is Nicole Anderson! Congratulations Nicole!
It’s finally time! The giveaway is here!

If you’ve never owned a pair of these moccasins you’re missing out! We got Ellie Graces before she was born and I could not wait for them to fit her. When she finally grew into them I paired them with everything because they are THAT cute!! It was summer then and I told myself I would get her a pair for winter.

Those are a few outfits she wore them with. So versatile. 

Well the people over at FP were nice enough to send me a free pair AND give me a pair to give away! How awesome is that?? I picked the coyote, but it was definitely not an easy decision because they have so many cute prints and designs. But I wanted something that was a little more “fallish” that could transition into winter. 

This is how we styled them today ( I had to wait til she fell asleep to get a picture, her sass was too much today). The last pair she had she wasn’t yet walking but they were light on her feet just the same for when she crawled, they weren’t bulky and they didn’t throw her off when she tried to go from sitting to crawling and back. Now that we are walking she’s really loving these! She can run, climb, whatever she wants without the added weight. Seriously the best shoes ever! I’ll be sad when she outgrows all their moccasin sizes. 
Here’s the fun part… 

if you would like a chance to win your own pair of FP moccs absolutely FREE just SHARE this post to your FB (make sure you make it public so I can double check the winner) and comment here which style is your favorite. ( YOU MUST DO BOTH TO QUALIFY) Feel free to tag others when you share it, but it’s not required. Good luck guys! ❤️

May the odds ever be in your favor (yes, that was a hunger games reference! I thought it was appropriate 😂)
PS this will run until Saturday, October 29th at 6 PM. Will announce a winner around 8 PM


10 thoughts on “Freshly Picked Giveaway!

  1. These are so adorable! I’ve always wanted a pair but didn’t know how they would stay on their little feet! I’ve never owned a pair for my girls, but would love a pair for my little one! My oldest loves her cowgirl boots! Haha. They are all simply adorable! I don’t know which one to pick!!


  2. I like the coyote, too. Not for Jaden though of course. Haha. Doubt they make them in her size. 🙂 my God daughter would love them.


  3. I like the lemonade ones ! Jeffrey could totally pull them off lol I always wanted to buy him a pair of the navy ones but you know who his dad is and he said “um no” lol if I only had a little girl ! If I win it will be a reason to try for a girl lol !


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