Holiday happenings

Happy Thanksgiving, happy Haunnakkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Whew! Hope everyone has enjoyed their respective holidays ☺️

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida and enjoyed the nice 80* weather. And that’s never dull times, we love to have fun. Christmas was spent going to different family functions and then relaxing at home on Christmas Day. The kids made out like bandits, of course! My in laws built them a play house for outside complete with a tool bench and kitchen, my parents got them various toys and each a Nabi tablet, and we got them toys. Ellie Grace got camo boots from her poppy and I think she has wore them everyday, no matter the outfit accessorizing with her pink sparkling unicorn purse my mom got her.  😂 

And for New Years we spent it in true 20-something year old fashion. On the couch binge watching Netflix, real party animals.  

Other than the holidays life has been as quiet as possible around here! Ellie Grace has developed a strong personality. And when I say strong I really mean she’s a diva. She loves to be around Jason and play whatever he is playing. Earlier he was CatBoy (from Disneys PJ Masks) running around, ninja rolling, and throwing super powers like it was no ones business and she was right behind him copying EVERY move. 

Jason has somewhat calmed down, we don’t have as many hilarious moments from him, Ellie has now taken over. However, the other night he meant he was going to Chilis for dinner. He did not want the spaghetti I was making for dinner so he got himself dressed, emptied his piggy bank, found his bike, and headed out the door. He got about halfway to the driveway and decided he needed a tattoo to make him look cooler. And out the door he went again after asking which direction Chilis was. He made it to the edge of the yard (to the light pole of you’re farmiliar with our yard) only to return, he needed his compass and a flashlight. Jimmy found him a flashlight and he found his compass and there he went. He made it a little further this time and came back, it was too cold he wanted us to drive him; after being told no he made it to the porch and decided he would just stay home. Because it was to cold, not because he was scared or anything. 

I’ll admit, I was slightly worried he would at least make it to the neighbors and asked Jimmy  when he was gonna end the stand off. But both being hard headed males it continued for about 20 minutes. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and time off.
Until next time!
– C


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