All about Ellie Grace

When I started this blog I introduced you guys to Jason. Ellie was still an infant and I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced her, so…

How do I explain Ellie Grace? Do you know me? Then you know her! This child is me MADE OVER. From her looks, attitude, personality, all of it. She is my sparkling tomboy. She loves to dress up, wear jewelry, “make up,” her purse, and baby dolls, but her love for the dirt is equally as strong. Her favorite pair of shoes is also a pair of camo boggs (we wear them with anything and everything). 

She has the biggest heart (just like her brother). If she even thinks you’re hurt she rushes over to ask if you are okay. But then, naturally, like a woman, she flips and is beating you up! And if she doesn’t get her way, watch out! 

She is the “crazy cat toddler” and the toddler mom. Any child even a little bigger than her is a baby and she has to hold them! I predict that Ellie Grace will have 50+ cats when she gets older, hope that’s not a deal breaker for anyone. 

She’s hard headed, independent, and full of sass. But she wouldn’t be her without all of that. I have a feeling I’ll be talking about her a lot. And in a few years, the both of them together. They already scheme and I can only imagine when they are teenagers 😩


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