What’s for dinner?

If you have ever spent anytime at our house you know meals can get rather interesting because 1. I hate cooking and 2. I hate going to the grocery store. So I’m  always trying new stuff that’s easy (and less then 5 ingredients)  or making a meal out of what we have left on the cabinets 😂

Nonetheless, we have found a few favorites along the way. One is a recipe I found years ago on Facebook when it was still just Jimmy and me (so like 6 years ago). Pizza rolls – super easy and quick and I keep the stuff in the fridge for emergencies. Basically it’s pillsbury croissant rolls, pepperoni, and sliced cheese – the original recipe calls for string cheese but I like the sliced velveeta better. 

So, back to tonight’s dinner. I always lay whatever I’m cooking out around lunch so it will be thawed in time; today I chose chicken – thinking chicken and rice. Like it often does, it backfires on me due to I’m an indecisive woman. Who knew? And thus chicken rolls were born! They weren’t quite as good as pizza rolls to me (and Jimmy) but the kids tore them up. Which Ellie Grace eats anything that doesn’t eat her first, Jason is a little pickier. 

The process: (I didn’t take enough pictures but it’s really simple (I mean I did it) and almost impossible to mess up.  I boiled the chicken, shredded it, placed a half a slice of cheese on each croissant roll, put some shredded chicken on them, roll it up and pop it in the oven. 

And voila! Next time I think I’ll add some ranch powder or something. It need a little more flavor. But hey, it was edible so I call that a win! 


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