Just An Update

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?? We spent it in South Florida, of course, with the amazing 80+ degree weather. I laughed Thanksgiving day as I scrolled through my Facebook timeline. Everyone was posting pictures all bundled up and then I look at my kids running around in shorts. When we left to head back it was […]

Healthy eating

I’ve never been a health nut, it’s no secret I’ll kill you over some chocolate, but I do try to make healthier choices regularly. Naturally, when Jason started getting to the age where he could have treats, etc, I monitored just how much he consumed. At about 1 1/2 years old my mom and I […]

Halloween Treat “Bags”

First, I highly do NOT recommend this craft.  It’s the time of year where your elementary school child is bringing home one sign up sheet after another for parties. And in true Chelsea fashion I can’t just buy something already made. I have to scour Pinterest (this is where it went wrong) for a cute […]