Jason goes camping

So Jimmy is the best daddy EVER! Okay, I may be a little biased. But still, he never ceases to amaze me on the things he does for our children. 

So anyways, they pulled the tent out, built a fire, made peanut butter s’mores (courtesy of my mommy who surprised Jason with the stuff), watched Netflix courtesy of the app on Jimmys phone , and man stuff. Because they couldn’t convince me to come out there even with the twin size matress they drug out to sleep on. 

He was so excited he invited his two best friends from school over to his camping party. I asked if he told them where we lived and he said “yeah mom, in Tifton” like he was 13. 

And now he can not wait to go again. Instead of curing the fever we just added fuel to the fire. But knowing Jimmy I’m sure they will be out there again soon. 

That’s the best pic I got. I didn’t want to be held hostage by getting too close 😂😂


The boy who cried “poop”

There once was a little boy who loved school. He wished he could go to school 6 days a week, not 7 because we have to reserve one day a week for Nonnie and Poppys house and we are not allowed to stay the night on a school night. Well the school nurse called one day and said the little boy was not feeling well nor was he acting like himself and thought his mommy should pick him up. So his mommy went and got him. Since he really didn’t have any other symptoms he could return to school the next day if that continued. So the next day he got up and got ready for school. As soon as they reached the bus stop he cried poop. His daddy brought him back to thre house where he said he was just kidding, he just didn’t want to ride the bus. So his punishment was to stay home since he was “sick.” Which meant not going anywhere “fun” (which is anywhere other than the house) or to Nonnies house to swim. And he had to help clean and do laundry all day. And he was NOT happy. 

In case you’re confused, this little boy is Jason. 

Catching Up

We’re back! I have really missed blogging the last few months so I decided to resurrect it! So much has happened so here’s the run down. 

1. Ellie Grace turned 1! Say what?!? I feel like her first year went by way faster than Jason’s did. We had her birthday the same weekend that my brother graduated from high school so all of our Florida (and  other out of state) family could help us celebrate. Her theme was tea party and it was absolutely precious. Lacey Culpepper did an amazing job with our cupcakes and perfectly executed my vision. 

Gosh, just looking at those pictures makes me want to cry! She is already so much bigger than she was just a few months ago. 

2. June and July were pretty quiet, it was watermelon season and Daddy was pretty busy. We did a lot of swimming at my moms but that’s about it. 

3. We spent the last week before school started at the beach with my parents. It was Ellie’s first trip and she loved it. She also loved eating sand and drinking the ocean water. 

Oh and the picture of Jason… the kid ripped a doves tail feathers out. Talk about a life with Jason moment. He decided he was going to catch the bird and he actually got ahold of it! 

*the bird was fine, just tail-less 😂

4. JASON STARTED PRE-K!! I didn’t cry, surprisingly, just some watery eyes. He is loving it! And insist on riding the bus. He has also caught the attention of quite a few little girls in his class, he, of course, is not complaining. 

5. Our friends in Germany got to visit! Jason was so excited when we got to Rylans grandparents house, he didn’t know they were back. They had a blast but it went by far too fast. It wasn’t near as hard as I anticipated when they left to go back, thankfully. Now we are just more excited for their next visit! 

I think that’s about it! Hope you guys had a fantastic summer as well!

The massive clean up

So what happens when your mom tells you for three days, literally, to clean your room and you only drag more out? You lose EVERYTHING. I tried to be fair, I really did. I told him yesterday that if it wasn’t clean by bedtime I was gonna start taking stuff; bedtime rolls around and I let it slide. Then today I told him an hour at 1. Then an hour later I told him an hour again. Then I told him next time he came out of his room, then I told him when I start cooking. I guess it’s partially our fault, the kid has everything, including a slide and recliner in there. But enough is enough. I bagged up FOUR 30 gallon trash bags to haul out. That’s not including the slide, tent, and recliner. So the next step is to clean out and sell some, that way it can’t get that bad again.

His life is just FULL of hard lessons lately.


Excuse the mess, I literally just tossed the stuff in Ellie’s room as I drug it out.

Broken Walls and Tough Lessons

I send Jason to the bathroom to get ready to get in the bath. I hear a clatter, much like the sound of the toilet paper holder hitting the tile. Not a big deal, ours are weird and kind of hang so they get knocked off easily. I walk into the bathroom to find his towel bar half ripped out the wall. Jason knew he was in trouble. I bathed him and sent him to bed, we’d talk after his daddy got home.

Jimmy gets home, checks the damage, I tell him what happened and he laughs, I did not find it that funny. Jason decided it would be fun to stand on his toilet and jump so he could hang off the towel bar. After deciding how to handle it we sat Jason down for a talk. We made him tell Jimmy what happened and explain to him his “punishment.” Sunday he has to help his daddy fix the wall. He took that mildly well. Then we told him we were taking a dollar from his piggy bank to help pay for it and the meltdown began. I’m talking alligator tears and snot bubbles. He loves his money. So we gave him an option of a spanking or giving us a dollar and he proceeds to cry “neither because neither are fun!”

I don’t know what to do with this child.

New bath toys. (I promise you’ll wanna read it)

We had a fun filled day with playing outside. Which resulted in sweaty babies and Jason with some battle wounds that required a good cleaning. Basically, him and Tank, our 90 pound bulldog, were both trying to catch the Frisbee and collided mid air. They both rolled multiple times and came out with cuts and scrapes, but don’t worry, both will be just fine.


Meet Tank. This picture does not do his size justice

So anyways, back to our story. Per Sunday normal we ate dinner and either I will clean the kitchen and Jimmy will bathe the kids, or vice versa. Tonight I put the kids in the bath and sat right outside the door while they played so I could talk to Jimmy while he cleaned the kitchen. As I went back in the bathroom to bathe them I noticed something that did not look like their froggy bath toys. As you’ve probably guess by now, Ellie pooped. And poor Jason was sitting with his back to her and didn’t even know. All I could do was laugh and yell for Jimmy. Now Ellie notices it and is PLAYING with it. Jason is trying to climb the wall, I’m laughing even harder, and Jimmy is washing Ellie’s hand and draining the tub, all while hollering for me to get a towel. Its a three ring circus y’all.

I finally quit laughing long enough to bathe them and get them out.

Never a dull moment around here, never.

*side note: it was funnier than it should have been to me because Jason pooped in the tub on me twice when he was little so this was payback*

Easter Sunday


Happy Easter y’all! Hope you guys enjoyed it despite this weather. I’ve see people getting creative and hiding eggs throughout their whole house since we can’t get outside. Jason took a different route, he hid jellybeans for himself. Yes, it was quite comical. Never dull with him. Since the weather was so nasty we went to early service and headed north right after. We drove to Atlanta for the GA Aquarium, if you have never been it is worth the trip, even with a 10 month old. Surprisingly it was packed to be a holiday. Last time we came Jason was 10 months old (same age as Ellie) so it was a “new” experience for him. We got a sneak peak at the otters, which fully opens later this month. We caught that exhibit just in time to watch them feed and I’m now trying to talk Jimmy into a pet otter. He’s not hearing it.


I mean just look at them! How stinking cute? We seen alligators, penguins, so many types of fish I could not begin to count, beluga whales, sting rays, sharks, jellyfish, you get the point.


Inside the tanks tunnel


One exhibit had tiny shark that you could pet and a few sting rays. That was pretty cool. I learned that if the sting ray has somewhat buried itself in the sand it’s telling you to leave it alone.


Cool starfish we seen

We stuck around for a dolphin show that showed you how they trained them to do new tricks. I think the earlier shows were more entertaining and less educational (which is what we caught last time and it was awesome) but Jason enjoyed it and that was worth it, Ellie couldn’t hang any longer and knocked out right as it was starting.


Us waiting on the dolphins

By far my favorite part is a tank that is 63 foot long and is filled with sharks, whales, turtles, and various fish of all sizes. If you go to there website you can actually tap into a live feed for the tank, as well as a few other tanks. The awe on the kids faces is magical. We sat for about 10 minutes just watching.






He was trying to make her look at the turtle


They also had a 4D movie thing but I didn’t think Ellie would enjoy it so we decided to bypass it.

Have a safe and happy week!

The Stump

We’re through with winter and daylight savings is now over so in the Goddard household that translates into short, hurried lunch breaks and late nights in the field for daddy. I have to get creative with how to maximize our time with him so Friday I grabbed lunch and met Jimmy closer to where he was working so we could see him for about 30 mins. Jason was on another level. He was bouncing off the walls and wild (well, more wild than normal). Quickly losing my patience, that I already have very little of, I was thinking of a good threat that would scare him. While waiting on Jimmy Jason kept interrupting my phone conversation to ask random and silly questions. I blurted out, without even thinking about it, “if you keep interrupting me I’m going to sit you on that stump and leave.” That bought me a few minutes of quiet.
As we’re eating (still in the car) Jason is bouncing around the backseat being loud, knocking me in the head, you get the  picture, when all of a sudden I feel my shirt being pulled on, I open my door  to get out and make him hook back in (I remind you, we are just sitting in a parking lot) and he dives into Jimmy’s lap in the front seat with huge tears streaming down his face screaming “No! Not the stump!” (I had flashbacks from the movie Mother Dearest, “Not the wire coat hangers”) I couldn’t help but laugh. Out of all the punishments I’ve ever thought of: throwing toys away, taking away fun activities, spankings, timeouts, THIS is the one that scared him the most.


And I had to add this gem in here. After handing him his pants the correct way he still outs them on backwards and heads outside to play.

A real ladies man


When given the option of going to papas to play and ride the golf cart or being drug to a baby shower you’re helping host most 4 year old boys would choose the former. Not Jason. Her quickly chose to “help” as he put it. And help he did. Every car that pulled into the yard he made a mad dash for and introduced himself. He led everyone to the house and showed them in. He handed presents to the guests of honor, helped pass out food, and provided entertainment for everyone. (Surprise, right?) But Jason is no fool, he knew baby shower meant lots of ladies! And pretty ones at that. Every time I looked he was holding ones hand, sitting in ones lap, and even kissing them on the cheek! He also convinced a few to take selfies with him. (I’m trying to get my hands on those pictures)

My baby was showing their boyfriends how to treat a lady right!



Jason cannot wait for his cousin Ramsey to arrive.


He jumped in every picture he could

Making wishes

Just before Christmas Jason started asking for a skateboard. Every. Day. He asked me, his daddy, my parents, Santa. Heck he was even praying to Jesus that someone would get him one. Being that Jason is clumsy enough without wheels under his feet I decided he wasn’t getting one. I was hoping this faze would pass but he just won’t let it go. For instance, a few weeks ago he had a dandelion and he took it to my brother and his three friends instructing them to blow and make a wish. After each one made their wish out load he corrected them saying “No, you gotta wish I had a skateboard.” Since that night I haven’t heard much else about it. I thought we had moved on. Until Saturday. We were leaving Kumo, a Japanese restaurant, and I had told Jason he could throw a coin into the fish pond in the lobby when we left. He tosses the coin, closes his eyes really tight, and says …. (You guessed it) “I wish I had a skateboard!” This kid is determined to break his arm