What’s for dinner?

If you have ever spent anytime at our house you know meals can get rather interesting because 1. I hate cooking and 2. I hate going to the grocery store. So I’m  always trying new stuff that’s easy (and less then 5 ingredients)  or making a meal out of what we have left on the cabinets 😂

Nonetheless, we have found a few favorites along the way. One is a recipe I found years ago on Facebook when it was still just Jimmy and me (so like 6 years ago). Pizza rolls – super easy and quick and I keep the stuff in the fridge for emergencies. Basically it’s pillsbury croissant rolls, pepperoni, and sliced cheese – the original recipe calls for string cheese but I like the sliced velveeta better. 

So, back to tonight’s dinner. I always lay whatever I’m cooking out around lunch so it will be thawed in time; today I chose chicken – thinking chicken and rice. Like it often does, it backfires on me due to I’m an indecisive woman. Who knew? And thus chicken rolls were born! They weren’t quite as good as pizza rolls to me (and Jimmy) but the kids tore them up. Which Ellie Grace eats anything that doesn’t eat her first, Jason is a little pickier. 

The process: (I didn’t take enough pictures but it’s really simple (I mean I did it) and almost impossible to mess up.  I boiled the chicken, shredded it, placed a half a slice of cheese on each croissant roll, put some shredded chicken on them, roll it up and pop it in the oven. 

And voila! Next time I think I’ll add some ranch powder or something. It need a little more flavor. But hey, it was edible so I call that a win! 


All about Ellie Grace

When I started this blog I introduced you guys to Jason. Ellie was still an infant and I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced her, so…

How do I explain Ellie Grace? Do you know me? Then you know her! This child is me MADE OVER. From her looks, attitude, personality, all of it. She is my sparkling tomboy. She loves to dress up, wear jewelry, “make up,” her purse, and baby dolls, but her love for the dirt is equally as strong. Her favorite pair of shoes is also a pair of camo boggs (we wear them with anything and everything). 

She has the biggest heart (just like her brother). If she even thinks you’re hurt she rushes over to ask if you are okay. But then, naturally, like a woman, she flips and is beating you up! And if she doesn’t get her way, watch out! 

She is the “crazy cat toddler” and the toddler mom. Any child even a little bigger than her is a baby and she has to hold them! I predict that Ellie Grace will have 50+ cats when she gets older, hope that’s not a deal breaker for anyone. 

She’s hard headed, independent, and full of sass. But she wouldn’t be her without all of that. I have a feeling I’ll be talking about her a lot. And in a few years, the both of them together. They already scheme and I can only imagine when they are teenagers 😩

Holiday happenings

Happy Thanksgiving, happy Haunnakkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Whew! Hope everyone has enjoyed their respective holidays ☺️

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida and enjoyed the nice 80* weather. And that’s never dull times, we love to have fun. Christmas was spent going to different family functions and then relaxing at home on Christmas Day. The kids made out like bandits, of course! My in laws built them a play house for outside complete with a tool bench and kitchen, my parents got them various toys and each a Nabi tablet, and we got them toys. Ellie Grace got camo boots from her poppy and I think she has wore them everyday, no matter the outfit accessorizing with her pink sparkling unicorn purse my mom got her.  😂 

And for New Years we spent it in true 20-something year old fashion. On the couch binge watching Netflix, real party animals.  

Other than the holidays life has been as quiet as possible around here! Ellie Grace has developed a strong personality. And when I say strong I really mean she’s a diva. She loves to be around Jason and play whatever he is playing. Earlier he was CatBoy (from Disneys PJ Masks) running around, ninja rolling, and throwing super powers like it was no ones business and she was right behind him copying EVERY move. 

Jason has somewhat calmed down, we don’t have as many hilarious moments from him, Ellie has now taken over. However, the other night he meant he was going to Chilis for dinner. He did not want the spaghetti I was making for dinner so he got himself dressed, emptied his piggy bank, found his bike, and headed out the door. He got about halfway to the driveway and decided he needed a tattoo to make him look cooler. And out the door he went again after asking which direction Chilis was. He made it to the edge of the yard (to the light pole of you’re farmiliar with our yard) only to return, he needed his compass and a flashlight. Jimmy found him a flashlight and he found his compass and there he went. He made it a little further this time and came back, it was too cold he wanted us to drive him; after being told no he made it to the porch and decided he would just stay home. Because it was to cold, not because he was scared or anything. 

I’ll admit, I was slightly worried he would at least make it to the neighbors and asked Jimmy  when he was gonna end the stand off. But both being hard headed males it continued for about 20 minutes. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and time off.
Until next time!
– C

Conversations with Jason

One of Jason’s favorite places to be is my moms, or his nonnies. He stayed with her last night and they had a fun little conversation this morning. While sitting at breakfast Jason was tapping my moms arm. 

J: are you getting old Nonnie?

Mom: well, yes, why?

J: cause your skin does like this, old people smoke. 

Mom: what do you want Santa to bring you?

J: a skateboard 

Mom: but you don’t have a driveway to ride it on (our driveway is dirt)

J: yes I do. And I was skis, you know the kind you go on snow with. 

Mom: do you want anything you can actually use?

J: a water jet pack
😂😂 this kid is something else. He’s also going to be VERY sad come Christmas morning. 

Freshly Picked Giveaway!

UPDATE: Winner is Nicole Anderson! Congratulations Nicole!
It’s finally time! The giveaway is here!

If you’ve never owned a pair of these moccasins you’re missing out! We got Ellie Graces before she was born and I could not wait for them to fit her. When she finally grew into them I paired them with everything because they are THAT cute!! It was summer then and I told myself I would get her a pair for winter.

Those are a few outfits she wore them with. So versatile. 

Well the people over at FP were nice enough to send me a free pair AND give me a pair to give away! How awesome is that?? I picked the coyote, but it was definitely not an easy decision because they have so many cute prints and designs. But I wanted something that was a little more “fallish” that could transition into winter. 

This is how we styled them today ( I had to wait til she fell asleep to get a picture, her sass was too much today). The last pair she had she wasn’t yet walking but they were light on her feet just the same for when she crawled, they weren’t bulky and they didn’t throw her off when she tried to go from sitting to crawling and back. Now that we are walking she’s really loving these! She can run, climb, whatever she wants without the added weight. Seriously the best shoes ever! I’ll be sad when she outgrows all their moccasin sizes. 
Here’s the fun part… 

if you would like a chance to win your own pair of FP moccs absolutely FREE just SHARE this post to your FB (make sure you make it public so I can double check the winner) and comment here which style is your favorite. ( YOU MUST DO BOTH TO QUALIFY) Feel free to tag others when you share it, but it’s not required. Good luck guys! ❤️

May the odds ever be in your favor (yes, that was a hunger games reference! I thought it was appropriate 😂)
PS this will run until Saturday, October 29th at 6 PM. Will announce a winner around 8 PM

Motivation Monday

This post isn’t my normal funny story or even what we have been up to recently, however I have been tossing this topic around in my mind for a good month now so here we are. Maybe someone else needs this message as much I did. 

Psalm 143:8, “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” (NIV)

Sadly, for the past year and a half, give or take, all I’ve been looking for in the mornings is more sleep. Between staying up after everyone settles down for the night to finish whatever chore(s) I feel HAS to be done before I can sleep, getting up every 2/3 hours with Ellie Grace (yes, still) and just giving everyone all I have all day I’ve put myself on the back burner. I don’t pick up my bible as much as I should or spend much time in deep prayer, mostly they are short, sweet, and to the point asking for his grace in whatever situation or thanking him for his mercy when it arises. And it has left me rather worn out and empty feeling. And it’s like a domino effect from there, my patience is thinner, my attitude is worse, and I just continue to go until I absolutely can’t anymore. 

After walking in from a hectic afternoon at work to a chaotic house and needing to cook dinner when all I felt like doing was curling up in bed I decided to send Jimmy outside to play with the kids while I cooked so I could get a few minutes of quiet for myself. While waiting on water to boil I picked up my phone and surfed Facebook, that’s where I came across the image above. A sweet friend had shared it at just the right time not knowing I needed it. That’s when it hit me, if I wake up even 10 minutes earlier than the alarm and put time into myself (reading my bible, praying, getting that quiet I long for) then everything else will fall into place. 

I have let God fill my cup before I can fill anyone else’s. 

And the old saying comes to mind “You get what you give” and since I’m giving my minimum to God, I’m getting the minimum out of the relationship, out of my day. 

And that’s my motivation for you guys today. 
Happy Monday ❤️

Happy birthday Jason!!

Is this real life right now? My baby is no longer a “toddler.” Like, how did this even happen? Where did my 7 lb 7 ounces 20.5 inch baby go? I feel like they were handing him to me for the first time 2 weeks ago.

And now he’s 5! This ball of energy came bursting into our lives faster than a natural disaster strikes (literally). And our lives have been full of laughter, love, frustration, tears, and prayers (lots and lots of them) since. I’ve shared so many numerous stories with you guys over the last 5 years, not just here but on my Facebook page, and if you’re lucky enough to be close friends of ours you’ve gotten the REALLY good stories in person that I didn’t share on social media, or have gotten to experience one first hand. (That’s where most of the tears and prayers come into play, the stories I don’t share). He’s got such a sense of humor and quick wit, for example, on the way home from dinner the other night he asked if he could eat a piece of candy he had. I told him no because it was late, he could have it the next day after school. When we got home I noticed the wrapper was empty and asked what happened, I really didn’t expect the answer I got. He looks at me with the biggest eyes and most sincere face he can muster and said “but mom, it fell out of the wrapper and I needed to eat it so it didn’t get all over your car”. Now, mind you, this was a starburst and it didn’t just “fall out” nor was it going to get all over my car. That moment was one of the hardest ones to keep a straight face yet. He’s to quick. 

This kid is also the most loving, kind hearted child I’ve ever met. He never meets a stranger and wants to include everyone in everything. There are so many times he doesn’t judge someone on their appearance, he just talks to anyone like they are his best friend. And in those moments I can’t help but aspire to be more like him. 

He has also become the BEST big brother, and to be honest, I wasn’t real sure how that was going to go. I mean he did say Ellie Grace could not live with us and had to find her own mommy/daddy and nonnie/poppy before she arrived. He also is sure to get a treat for Ellie if he gets one, he tries to put diapers back on her after she rips them off to keep her from getting in trouble, he loves to play with her, anything from dinosaurs to dolls. The other day he turned a baby show on his tv in his room for her to watch instead of kicking her out. He protects her, makes sure she’s doing something to hurt herself, I could go on forever. 

Though he may push my buttons, test my limits on purpose, and make me “lose my religion” now and then I would not want him any other way. He has brought so much joy into our lives and while I was teaching him lessons he taught me more. 

Happy 5th birthday baby boy! May this day be as magical as the world is to you ❤️

Jason goes camping

So Jimmy is the best daddy EVER! Okay, I may be a little biased. But still, he never ceases to amaze me on the things he does for our children. 

So anyways, they pulled the tent out, built a fire, made peanut butter s’mores (courtesy of my mommy who surprised Jason with the stuff), watched Netflix courtesy of the app on Jimmys phone , and man stuff. Because they couldn’t convince me to come out there even with the twin size matress they drug out to sleep on. 

He was so excited he invited his two best friends from school over to his camping party. I asked if he told them where we lived and he said “yeah mom, in Tifton” like he was 13. 

And now he can not wait to go again. Instead of curing the fever we just added fuel to the fire. But knowing Jimmy I’m sure they will be out there again soon. 

That’s the best pic I got. I didn’t want to be held hostage by getting too close 😂😂

The boy who cried “poop”

There once was a little boy who loved school. He wished he could go to school 6 days a week, not 7 because we have to reserve one day a week for Nonnie and Poppys house and we are not allowed to stay the night on a school night. Well the school nurse called one day and said the little boy was not feeling well nor was he acting like himself and thought his mommy should pick him up. So his mommy went and got him. Since he really didn’t have any other symptoms he could return to school the next day if that continued. So the next day he got up and got ready for school. As soon as they reached the bus stop he cried poop. His daddy brought him back to thre house where he said he was just kidding, he just didn’t want to ride the bus. So his punishment was to stay home since he was “sick.” Which meant not going anywhere “fun” (which is anywhere other than the house) or to Nonnies house to swim. And he had to help clean and do laundry all day. And he was NOT happy. 

In case you’re confused, this little boy is Jason. 

Catching Up

We’re back! I have really missed blogging the last few months so I decided to resurrect it! So much has happened so here’s the run down. 

1. Ellie Grace turned 1! Say what?!? I feel like her first year went by way faster than Jason’s did. We had her birthday the same weekend that my brother graduated from high school so all of our Florida (and  other out of state) family could help us celebrate. Her theme was tea party and it was absolutely precious. Lacey Culpepper did an amazing job with our cupcakes and perfectly executed my vision. 

Gosh, just looking at those pictures makes me want to cry! She is already so much bigger than she was just a few months ago. 

2. June and July were pretty quiet, it was watermelon season and Daddy was pretty busy. We did a lot of swimming at my moms but that’s about it. 

3. We spent the last week before school started at the beach with my parents. It was Ellie’s first trip and she loved it. She also loved eating sand and drinking the ocean water. 

Oh and the picture of Jason… the kid ripped a doves tail feathers out. Talk about a life with Jason moment. He decided he was going to catch the bird and he actually got ahold of it! 

*the bird was fine, just tail-less 😂

4. JASON STARTED PRE-K!! I didn’t cry, surprisingly, just some watery eyes. He is loving it! And insist on riding the bus. He has also caught the attention of quite a few little girls in his class, he, of course, is not complaining. 

5. Our friends in Germany got to visit! Jason was so excited when we got to Rylans grandparents house, he didn’t know they were back. They had a blast but it went by far too fast. It wasn’t near as hard as I anticipated when they left to go back, thankfully. Now we are just more excited for their next visit! 

I think that’s about it! Hope you guys had a fantastic summer as well!